Baby it's cold outside: what to wear?

What to wear?

Never is the answer to this classical question so hard to find, as when the temperatures seriously drop! During Summer the answer is so much easier: 'As little as you can get away with, without getting arrested for indecent exposure!' I really like to wear sports skirts during Summer.

Dress like an onion: but where do you leave your excess layers?

The general advice is to dress like an onion: with lots of layers. That way you can take layers off, if you get too warm. But never do they explain where you're supposed to leave all the clothes you shed along the way. Running for miles with a discarded jacket in one hand, and a scarf in the other, is just plain uncomfortable. And I'm not rich enough yet, to just leave my running clothes behind. Maybe I should have my husband trailing after me, picking up my clothes...

Long run cut short

On Sunday I always do my long run, but the icy wind was howling so ominously I decided to cut my long run short, just this once. I carefully dressed in:

  • Long black tights

  • Blue Capri thermo pants which I wore over the black tights, making me look really stupid

  • A thermo vest

  • A thermo sweat

  • My youngest son's scarf

  • My husbands hat

  • My runner's jacket

  • Gloves

It turned out to be a good outfit! I felt neither too warm, nor too cold. Only my forehead hurt, even though I'd pulled my hubby's hat so far down I could hardly see.

Running when it's cold: burn calories faster

Running when it's cold helps you burn off more calories. Simply because your body has to work harder, just to stay on temperature. I also noticed I was 'in the zone' even though I was running slower than usual.

All in all, my long run only lasted 45 minutes, and I hate to admit it, but I did not enjoy it… It was just way too cold. But never mind! There's always tomorrow, and at least I got my run in!

How do you dress during icy temperatures?

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