It's my birthday, and I'll run if I want to

It's my birthday, and I went for a run!

I had my birthday this week. And I gave myself a gift:

The gift of spending my birthday the way I like it. 

So I went for a run, and had coffee with two of my friends. And that was it.

The best gift of all: the freedom to live your live in a way that suits you

I don't think there's a better gift than the gift of freedom. To allow yourself to live your life and celebrate your birthday in a way that suits you. And to nót celebrate your birthday in a way that other people think you should.

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

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Michele Morin said...

Great plan!

Christie Hawkes said...

I love it! This year I spent my birthday with my husband at our cabin. I did speak with my children and grandchildren, but I felt a little guilty not being available to see them. This weekend I'm going out with my sisters and best friend for a belated celebration!

I found your blog on #WonderfulWednesday. It caught my eye, because I am also a runner!


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