Clothes personas: mom, runner and kid

running clothes

As a mom I dress very differently than I do as a runner.

Mom clothes versus running clothes

For one thing, as a runner I wear this kind of bodywarmer thingy. That's a piece of clothing I wouldn't be caught dead in as a mom. But it's so very handy! Another thing I don't wear as a mom, are tights. In my life as a mom I wear long skirts. And I prefer my legs bare. And the running skirts I wear as a runner, I consider way too short in my life as a mom!

There are some similarities too though. Both as a mom and as a runner I like to dress comfortable. I don't like my clothes too tight.

My kids' clothes

When it comes to my kids' clothes I'm sad to say they dress themselves. When they were small I liked to dress my daughters in cute little dresses. Like the ones in the Miss grant winter range for Christmas.

Teenagers pick their own clothes

But now my girls are 14 and 18 and all they want to wear are those awful skinny jeans! I'ld prefer their taste in kids' clothes to be more elegant and romantic. I would love to see my fourteen year old dressed in the pink top at the top of this post!

It's part of letting go

But I guess that's part of them growing up. And it's good to see them develop their own tastes. It's all part of letting go and letting them run free!

And the way they dress is part of who they are. Just like the way I dress both as a mom and as a runner represents different aspects of me!

I just wish their taste in clothes was a bit more to my taste.
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