Little Black Tights the runner's equivalent to the LBD

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For me as a runner, black running tights are the equivalent of the Little Black Dress.

Black tights: staple to a runner's wardrobe

They go with everything, they're neat, simple, slimming and at a stretch, even elegant. As far as tights can éver be elegant. Just like the little black dress is the staple to a complete wardrobe for many women,  black tights are the staple to a woman's running clothes wardrobe.

Black tights are available in two lengths: ankle length and capri length. Personally I much prefer capri tights. I always feel that ankle length tights make my feet look huge. But when temperatures drop, there's no escaping the ankle length tights! Some women spruce them up with a running skirt.

Are black tights boring? Gasp!

But the very fact that black running tights are such a staple to a runner's wardrobe is also cause for criticism. Some people say black running tights are boring!

I suppose in a way they are. They are plain and simple. That's what I love about them.

Running tights in every flavor

But for those that think black running tights are a bore, there's lots of choice. Because there's a whole range of running tights out there in downright garish colours and patterns. There's even a trailer trash look!

'I really love your tiger feet'

But there are also running tights featuring tiger prints. Not to mention the tights that look like you spilled paint all over them. And if you're feeling patriotic you can wear a pair of tights sporting Stars and Stripes! If you're interested take a look at Running Funky!

Interesting to look at. Not to run in.

I have to admit, they're interesting to look at! And as a spectator I like them. But as a runner, I wouldn't feel comfortable in these loud tights.

How do you feel about black tights versus tights in different colors and patterns?

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A GAL NEEDS... said...

I think that black tights aren't ever boring, because everyone wearing them is different. Plus, exercise isn't really supposed to be a fashion show. If it is, you probably aren't getting the full benefit of your exercise session. I aim to be as inconspicuous as possible so that I don't get stared or gawked at. I just want to do my thing and get healthy!

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