Jogger danger

Being called a jogger can be quite the insult for some runners. Joggers seem to be kind of inferior runner!

When Runners turn into Joggers

Mark Remy, editor at Runner's World, noticed that when something bad happens to runners, they're suddenly referred to as joggers!

This inspired him to create his very own, funny magazine for joggers.

'Because injury-, accident-, crime-, and horror-prone fitness enthusiasts deserve a publication to call their own.'

I love it!

You can read the whole article over here.


Roseann Hampton said...

Looks like he has a great sense of humor! Thanks for sharing at The Blogger's Pit Stop! Roseann from

Dr. Elise Ho said...

Awesome. I am neither a runner or a jogger but I can totally appreciate this.

Unknown said...

This is funny - there is definitely a difference between a "runner" and a "jogger"....and I think I would classify as the jogger (when I do run). My neighbor, on the other hand, is a "runner" and runs races for fun every couple of months!

Thanks for linking up at #Thoughtfullthursday :)

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