Running shorts in MacGyver shorts!

kalenji running shorts

Now that it's spring I love to wear as little clothing as possible during my runs. Which is why I bought myself a new pair of running shorts. A Kalenji baggy short trail to be precise.

MacGyver Running shorts

I call them my MacGyver running shorts because they have 6 pockets! For those of you who don't know MacGyver, MacGyver was an American action-adventure television series. Every episode MacGyver saved the day.

What made MacGyver so special was that he could make something from nothing. You might say he might only need a twig, and he could build a getaway car with it.

These shorts are just as handy as MacGyver!


kalenji trail running shorts

kalenji trail running shorts
I've run several times with them, and they are great. They don't ride up and they're very handy. They come with inbuilt panties so you don't even have to wear any underwear if you don't want to.

Practical information about the Kalenji running shorts

These Kalenji running shorts are available at the Dutch and English online shop Decathlon. They cost about 15 GBP.

I can highly recommend them. I even bought a second pair.

What do you wear during your runs in Spring?

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