Give yourself a break

running mom

Because of the tropical heat break I missed two of my scheduled runs

Worriedly I logged into my training schedule, and was relieved to read that my goal to run 10 kilometers in 1 hour was still attainable.

It made me feel optimistic: apparently you cán be a slouch now and then without doing permanent damage to your goals.

The same thing goes for motherhood

And what goes for running, goes for motherhood. A bad day of motherhood, when the children are driving your crazy and you lose your temper, doesn't mean you've screwed them up for life. You can still attain that goal most moms strive for: happy and balanced children.

So give yourself a break when you're having a tough day.
Things that take a lifetime to create, can't be ruined by one bad day.


csuhpat1 said...

I needed to hear this. Thanks.

Nicole Orriëns said...

You're very welcome : )

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