Setting goals: what running can teach moms

running mom

Ask any mother what she hopes to achieve for her children and the answer will probably be:

'That he'll be happy.' 

Certainly an admirable goal, but how do you go about achieving it? Isn't the goal 'As long as they're happy,' comparable with a beginning runner saying: 'I want to run the New York marathon?'

What mothers can learn from running

Here motherhood can take her cue from running: set a goal, and then chop it up in little goals, that are achievable in the short term. This will give you a feeling of succes and encouragement.

Sometimes your goal can be as simple as 'getting through the day without screaming'. Other days you can set your sights higher: 'Playing board games with the children without screaming.'

At the end of the day you can put your feet up at look back at a good day's work.

And at the end of your career as a mom, you can look at a happy child.


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