Mommy, Marathon Mommy and Yoyo Mommy

I 'do' a marathon every week. Yep, that's me, Marathon Mommy.

I have calculated: every morning I walk my kids to school, that's one kilometer right there. Then I walk home all by my lonesome, which makes it two.

Twelve o' clock school run

At around twelve 'o clock I walk one kilometer to take them home for lunch, which adds up to four kilometers. At one o'clock I take them back to school again and head home, which makes it six.

And then there's the final school run at three fifteen which brings the day's total to eight kilometers.

That's 40 kilometers right there!

Multiply these daily eight kilometers, times five days a week, and that's forty kilometers right there! And the missing kilometers I figure I make up with running around the house and doing all the housework.

But maybe I should call myself Yoyo Mommy.

Because that's how I sometimes feel.

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