Says the left side of the brain: 'Why are we doing this?'

Running brain

The left side of our brain helps us to think. We use it to solve all the riddles motherhood poses to us, and to structure and organize our lives. We've got creativity and intuition on the right side of our brain. This is where you get all your bright ideas from! It's not suprising a lot of writers are also runners.

Left side of the brain: You gotta be comfortable!

One of the most important missions of the left side of your brain is to make sure you're comfortable. So as soon as it perceives stress, for examply when you go out for a run, it starts to splutter like an overprotective mother: 'Don't do that! You'll get hot and red in your face!'. It evens throws in philosophical questions to get you to stop:

'Why are you doing this?!' 

Your left side of the brain can think of a myriad of reasons why running is a bad idea: 'It's too hot, it's too warm, I'm too tired etc.'

Using running to activate the right side of your brain

Running is the key to access the right side of your brain and shut the left side up! By going out for a run, and sticking with it, your right side of the brain gets a chance for a change. Ideas start to flow, and you become aware of yourself. So when you go out for a run be prepared for the nagging voice of the left side of your brain. After about fifteen minutes it starts to falter and your righr side of the brain starts talking, and you'll feel great.

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Sucharita Sarkar said...


saw you on momblogger.

found your blog very interesting. definitely not run-of-the-mill (ha, ha!).
though i can't run too much because of a knee problem,(my left brain protests) i try to walk as much as i can.

April J Harris said...

What great advice! It really is worth persisting with exercise and this is a great technique. Thank you for sharing, and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Hope to see you again this week. Have a lovely week ahead!

Kathleen said...

This is a different way of looking at the left and right side of the brain. I love to walk and think, it sorts out my thinking process much better than trying to do that sitting at home.
We will feature this post at the next Blogger's Pit Stop.

Christie Hawkes said...

I've never thought about it quite like this before, but I couldn't agree more. I have to talk myself into running each and every time, but once I do, I couldn't be happier. I found your blog on the Blogger's Pit Stop! Nice to "meet" you.