Fanny Blankers: the mom that wouldn't stay home

Can you imagine people telling Paula Radcliffe to go home and take care of her children instead of participating in marathons? 

You can't, can you? 

Yet that's exactly what happened sixty years ago, to Dutch runner Fanny Blankers, during the last time the Oympics were being held in London.

Running not suitable for women

But Fanny proceeded to win 4 gold medals, surprising friend en foe, and put women's athletics on the map in one swell swoop! Before that, running wasn't considered suitable for women. 

After all, their private parts might fall out! Better if they stayed home and took care of the household work. Apart from 4 gold medals Fanny got the honorary title 'The flying Dutch housewife'.

Women love to run!

Nowadays women all over the world have taken up running. Because it gives them a sense of self, of relief from the stresses of everyday life, and because it's so easy to integrate into the busy life of a woman of 2019.

So thank you Fanny, for not staying home!

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1 comment

Char said...

And thank you Fanny for proving that our girly bits won't fall out when we ran.

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