Wherever I run, there I am

Running and philosophy

'Wherever you go, there you are,' said Confucius. No confusion about that!

And it's never more true than when I go out for a run. Because sometimes I would like to run away from me. To escape myself, to get away from this person called Nicole. She's always worrying about stuff, and I can't get her to stop.

You can run, but you can not hide

On these runs, I run with all my might, trying to get away from me. From myself. But I never manage to outrun myself. On the contrary, myself is going: 'You can run, but you can not hide!' She's right there with me.

Wherever I run, there I am

Because wherever I run, there I am.
I suppose it's time to embrace that fact.
And myself!


I am Harriet said...

This morning I thought that the ice outside had fully melted and I could actually run outside. Somewhere around my last mile, I slipped on ice and landed on my bottom. I am so sore now but, it was so worth the run :)

Veronica Lee said...

The last time I ran was when a dog chased me. I'd rather walk !!

Anonymous said...

My brother whose in the Army just came in from Okalhoma and we have been running together. I have ran almost two miles without stopping which isn't as far as I would hope to be able to run by now but still good : )

I love your site!

Anonymous said...

If I thought I could run away from myself for a little bit, it might even start me running. While I come by regularly, fascinated by the running thing, I am totally not a runner.

Jennifer@MyFlagstaffHome said...

Thanks for posting at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home, Nicole. I relate to your post. I'm not a runner, but I am a long-distance walker. I get out there just to turn off the noise in my head. I often need to use an audio book just to get my thoughts to shut up! Again, thanks for sharing. --Jennifer

Donna @ Modern on Monticello said...

Good luck with your runs and getting rid of the worry. I know it helps. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

Claire(PainPalsBlog) said...

I can no longer run physically due to disability, but I can certainly relate to your sentiments of metaphorically wanting to escape! Great post - Hope you don’t mind but I shared this to my regular PainPalsBlog feature “Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You!”, Claire x #BloggersPitstop

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