The fine line between discipline and compulsive behavior

running and discipline

I often wonder: 'Am I a disciplined person, or am I a bit compulsive?' The answer is: 'Probably a bit of both.'

Discipline as a core quality

I am quite disciplined when it comes to running. But sometimes I accidentally cross over to the dark side. Let me explain.

Are you familiar with Ofman's Core quadrant? Ofman says we all have positive qualities. But too much of a good thing is, well, nót a good thing. So a positive quality can become your pitfall! I think that's what sometimes happens to me, when it comes to running.

When discipline becomes compulsion

For example: I run 6 times a week. That leaves me one day of rest. That day is Sunday. The day I used to do my long runs.

But knowing I had to do a long run on Sunday started to weigh heavily on my mind on Saturday. My long run become just another chore for me to do, in a long list of chores.

So after much deliberation I decided to make Sundays my day off.

Am I a slacker or is that my compulsion talking?

Unfortunately, I often feel like I'm REALLY slacking off because I don't do my long runs anymore. Never mind the fact that I exercise daily. It's almost like that one day off  is not allowed. The thing is: I really like being a runner. And I worry that not doing my Sunday long runs makes me less of a runner.

But when I won't even allow myself one day off, my discipline probably has become too much of a good thing.

I'm wondering if other runners are struggling with this too?

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