Body and mind and running


Descartes considered body and mind two separate things, but modern philosophers agree that there is no separation between the two. They are very much connected.

Your body and mind are connected

Your body influences your feelings, and your feelings influence your body. This principle is used succesfully in laughing therapy. By starting to laugh, you inadvertently start to feel happier!

The same principle applies to running. When you go out for a run your heart rate goes up, you start to get warm en sweaty. These are the same signals that occur in times of stress or danger, and your mind might conclude: 'Uh-oh! There's danger! The kids have found me!'

However, since this usually isn't the case, your mind can't help but decide: 'I must like doing this, or why else would I be running?!' So you can actually teach your body and mind to like running.

Sometimes my body and mind feel very separate!

As a runner there are days when my mind and body feel separate, and then there are the days when they feel as one. When my body feels sluggish and tired, I feel as if I háve a body, and the last thing it wants is to start moving. Then I let my mind take control, and force my body into action.
'Move it, you lazy body, you!'

We are one!

But there are also days when my mind and body feel as one. Like when I'm feeling anxious and restless, and my body is begging for movement. Those are the days I give my body free reign, and my mind just leans back, enjoying the ride/run.

In the end, no matter how well, or how terrible a run feels, a finished run always makes me feel better and more balanced. Mind and body both at ease.

So I consider my body and mind very good mutual friends, who work well together.


Kelly said...

I needed to read this!! I've got to get my running in the right relationship with my mind and body!!

Roseann Hampton said...

Thanks for sharing with us at The Blogger's Pit Stop!

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