Evolution of a runner

Most people who start running grab some old grey sweatpants from their cupboard, a cotton shirt that's seen better days and a pair of old shoes.

New runners are often tentative

Because lots of new runners are tentative when it comes to running. It seems like a waste of money to invest in some decent running clothes and shoes. I was like that. I figured:

'Let's first see if I'll keep running before I spend my money.' 

Please DO invest in a pair of running shoes

But even though it's very understandable, you would be wise to at least invest in a proper pair of running shoes. Simply because they are essential to become a succesfull runner. It would be a shame if you got injured and had to stop being a runner simply because you wear the wrong kind of shoes.

Evolution of a runner

I made this collage to show the evolution of a runner! From the grey sweat pants and feeling exhausted to the joy of running and daring to invest in running clothes and maybe even some gadgets.

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