Mellow mom, or when you're too tired to care anymore

Mellow Mom
I've decided to stop my belly dance lessons and instead go for a run on Tuesday mornings. This will free up my evenings.

I did enjoy the belly dancing lessons until our teacher told us to 'do whatever you want!' There I stood like a terrified bunny in the glare of oncoming traffic with absolutely no idea what to do. While all around me people were dancing their hearts out, I could think of only one thing: 'When are we finished?' Obviously I'm not cut out for a career as a belly dancer.

I prefer the solitude of running

I prefer the solitude of a long run, where I actually líke to do whatever I want. Should I go to the right, or to the left? Shall I go urban or rural?

This morning I went both, and ran a 10 miler.

Now I'm Mellow Mom

And now you can just call me mellow mom, because I'm all serene and everything. Falling cups? I don't mind.
Muddy footsteps on my kitchen floor? I shrug it off.
Cereal on the ceiling? I just smile.

There's nothing like a ten miler to give me a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Or feeling too tired to talk or walk or care anymore.


Anonymous said...

I've been walking as of late, and you've reminded me of how much I love running. It gives me this incredible "natural high," and sense of calm throughout my day that just doesn't compare to any other! Walking does it pretty well...but there is something really meditative about the repetitive "slap" of your shoes on the ground (and the accompanied breathing)...and the "high" is much more profound. I've decided that I'm "graduating" from walking to running for a while...just to remind myself. Thanks for helping to re-ignite my interest in this good "old friend" of mine.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh about your bellydancing lessons as I felt the same. I loved to go but I had to follow and was not good at improvising. I did like it though and it made me feel very feminine.

Joanne said...

Wow! 10 miles?! That's fantastic.

Kathleen said...

Where is the belly dancing photo? I couldn't choose betweent this post or the Jigsaw puzzle post but this one gets the bright lights. We will feature it on the next Blogger's Pit Stop.

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