Light footed: sometimes things suddenly are easy!

running mom

I noticed it immediately when I ran out the door this morning: I was light footed!

Instead of my usual slogging across the street, my steps were light and airy. What a wonderful feeling!

Usually running is hard work for me

I almost couldn't believe my luck, and it made me realize that most of my runs are quite hard work. With my mind egging my body on: 'Go on then, lazybones! You can do it!' and my body angrily going: 'Yeah, yeah, hold your horses. I'm doing it, aren't I, but I don't have to like it!'

But now my body was enthusiastically carrying me along, and I almost felt as if I had to reign it in a little. After all I had many miles to go before I could sleep.

Can motherhood be like that?

Why can't motherhood be like that? Sometimes I find it hard going indeed, especially now, after weeks and weeks off summer vacation.

But today's run has given me hope!

If it can happen during a run, it can happen during parenting.


  1. I find that motherhood; much like life goes through seasons. I have some really easy years and some really challenging times that test me to no end.

  2. Raising children can be tough as times as well as pleasant, heartbreaking, and happy. Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 6.

  3. It does seem as though we have stretches that are hard going, but when we commit to working through them we are often reward with the light-footed stretches. Thanks for the encouragement this week!