When every run is a battle. Make sure you win!


Running doesn't come naturally to me. Not even after 18 years!

I still takes me 40 minutes to run 6 kilometers.

How do other runners do that?!

I listen in admiration and amazement to the stories of runners, who say that the first thirty minutes can be hard, but then for the next ninety minutes it's just lovely.

I mean 90 minutes of running? Are you kidding me?!

My biggest goal is to keep on running for 30 minutes. Let alone a whopping hour and a half! And then enjoying it too?!

Every run is a battle

Every run is a battle with myself and that little voice that whispers: '

'Why don't you just sit down?'

But I always win!

So that's my wisdom for you for today:

When running is a battle with yourself, make sure you win!

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