Corona proof sports? Why running of course!

running and corona

Due to the corona virus, measures have been taken to make sure it stops spreading. This means among other things, large gathering places will be closed. People are encouraged to avoid crowded, enclosed spaces whenever possible.

Like the gym.

Major races have been canceled.

But if there's one thing about running that's so great, is that you can still run!

You can still go for a run

I've said it many times before: running is like a patient friend, who's always there for you. So in these times of crisis because of corona, you can still go running. In fact, it will boost your immune system!

No, it will not make you immune to the coronavirus, but it will make your body stronger should you catch it. So you have a better chance of bouncing back quickly.

Besides that, if you're feeling stressed out and worried about the corona virus, running is a great way to alleviate some of that stress. Use your anxiety and adrenaline as fuel for your run.

You'll feel better afterwards!

Running helps put things in perspective.

Let's hear it for the wonderful sport that is running!

So let's hear if for the wonderful sport that is running!

Hip hip, hurray! Hip hip. Hurray!

How do you feel about the corona virus and running?

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love it yes good old running the one sport that has survived many events thru out history when you come up for air come see us at

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