Getting paid if you go for a run: how I earned 20 euros in 30 days

making money running

When I first read about this app that would pay you to go for a run, I didn't pay all that much attention. After all, it sounded a bit too good to be true. Getting paid to go for a run? I wish!

But then I read about it again, and this time I started to pay attention.

Because someone wrote that it actually worked, and how her husband had really made some money by exercising.

And since the app was free to download, I figured: 'Why not! I'll just try it, and see if it works. I've got nothing to lose.'

Also, since I run six days a week I thought it shouldn't be hard for me to earn points.

I earned 20 euros in 30 days with the Vitality app

I installed the Vitality app on my smartphone on February 24th. I then discovered I had to pay a monthly fee of 3,50 euros. But by then  I was all motivated to put this app to the test, so I grudgingly paid.

You do need some kind of activity tracker to earn points with the Vitality app, but luckily I already wear a Fitbit Charge 3. All I had to do is connect my Fitbit to the Vitality app, and sync it regularly. 

And you know what?

It actually works!

Since I started using the Vitality app I already made 20 euros worth of gift cards. Even if you subtract the 3,50 that's still 17,50 euros I wouldn't have had otherwise.

And all that, for doing something I would do anyway.

Summing up

I highly recommend the Vitality app. I live in the Netherlands, but I think the English version is Vitality One.

So if you're looking for motivation to go for a run, or you would like to make money while doing it, go ahead and use Vitality One.

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