Runner's validation


When I'm running, I like nothing better than to get caught by someone I know. Then I can act all nonchalant and mutter someting like:

'Oh you know, I run all the time. I'm a runner you know.'
And since I'm sweating like a pig and dressed in my running skirt and shoes I actually look like the real thing.

Running impresses people

And the lovely thing about being a runner is that it impresses people. Sure, they may think you're crazy, but they can't help but admire someone who runs. Especially if the only running théy do is to the fridge to get a snack.

As a mom you get much less admiration

As a mom you get much less admiration. After all, it's the second oldest profession in the world.

As a mom the best feedback you can get is that you dón't look like one.

So I love to have my identity as a runner validated, and I take that validation home to the mom in me.


Emmaleena said...

My sentiments exactly! I couldn't have said it any better. For the most part as a single parent, it's the only time I get "props" or kudos or conversation with an adult that I don't work with. Sad but true...

Anonymous said...

RIGHT ON! You said it!

Katie said...

I'm with you on this... though I am not a Mom, I still like to have th e"runner" in me validated :)

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