The marathon of motherhood

running and motherhood

As a mom you're perfectly equipped to run. 

It starts with the birth of your child: an experience not unlike running a marathon. And as a child grows, many a mother has to do a sudden sprint to save him of her from a falling plant or something.

Both running and motherhood require perseverance

And just like running, motherhood requires perseverance. Of course, you cóuld stop midway, but then how are you ever going to get home? 

There's nothing for it: you might as wel continue. The same goes for mothering. Even though you sometimes feel like quitting, in the end you persevere. There's no turning back.

Running helps to find balance

Running helps you find a balance in your motherhood. It's a time for you, and gives your a feeling of confidence and peace of mind.

And hey, the fact that running has a streamlining effect on your body is a nice bonus. Sure you can eat that bag of chips! 

You'll run it right off.


Momma Bear said...

I love that you said, "running like motherhood requires perseverence." I so agree with you! I injured myself 2 years ago while training for a Tri and didn't get to participate, sad it would've been my first. I was then told in November I have barely any cartilage in my knees, again disappointing. I've been here thinking the last year, "I'm going to start running again." The no cartilage new has really depressed me. But I'm starting to take the joint health tabs and I'm getting out there if I have to depend on anti inflammatories to get me through! thx for your encouraging blog! I look forward to reading through it.

Theresa said...

I love your comparison of running and motherhood. It is a marathon, not a sprint. Our kids love distance running too. Now I'm trying to think of a metaphor for that! ��

chickenruby said...

Sadly running since becoming a mum isn't something I can do these days. Thanks for sharing with #pocolo

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