Shammy cloth cooling vest for running

Shammy cloth cooling vest for running

I used a shammy cloth cooling vest for running in high temperatures!

It's hot!

Temperatures are high, but I still want to for my daily run. It's summer vacation, and the kids and my husband are all at home, so I need my run to stay sane.

But me, and high temperatures, don't do well together at all.  Tropical heat makes me cranky, and  tired.

So I decided to try running while wearing a so-called cooling vest. And I have to say, I think it helped!

Running with a shammy cloth vest

I chose this blue summer ice vest because it got a good review on Garage Gym Power. It's made of shammy cloth. It's supposed to be extremely absorbent, soft and comfortable. I bought mine at Amazon.

Product details

These are the product details as you can find them on amazon.

  • Made of PVA waterproof fabric, which is strong, durable and wear-resistant. 
  • Soak in the water of room temperature for 5 minutes to allow the fabric to fully absorb it.
  • Wring out the clothing with force and then you can wear it immediately. 
  • Reduces skin temperature while maintaining a stable core temperature. 
  • Adjustable nylon clasp design ensures a comfortable fit for most wearers. 
  • Size:61x40cm 
  • Material:PVA waterproof fabric 
  • Water absorption, heat dissipation, cooling, eco-friendly

My experience with this cooling vest

When it arrived it felt nice and soft, but a bit clammy. The next morning it had dried a bit, and felt a bit stiff. But that's okay, because the instructies tell you to put in water for 5 minutes.

Shammy cloth cooling vest for running

Then you carefully wring it out, and put it on.

Putting it on was nice and easy. I felt a bit strange in my shammy cloth vest, when I took my first steps, but I gained confidence quickly. All in all I would have to say that this shammy cloth vest actually did help.

It made running in high temperatures more bearable.

So summing up

I would definitely recommend this shammy cloth vest for running in high temperatures. It feels a bit odd, but it definitely feels cool to the skin.

I'm going to be wearing it again.

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