Thighs of steel!


Thanks to the kids' summer vacation I now am the proud owner of thighs of steel!

Thanks to that unpleasant sensation, when you get up from the toilet seat, and you just knów, deep down in your heart of hearts:

'That toilet seat was wet'. 

So I started doing all my peeing standing up, with my butt dangling over the toilet bowl.

Strong thighs required

And let me tell you: that requires strong thighs! Especially because as a mom, it's hard to find the time to empty your bladder. So when you finally gó, there's a lot to release.

Besides working on my thighs, I upped my frequency and started running évery day during summer vacation, instead of four times a week. It was either that, or go crazy.

So thanks to summer vacation I'm in great condition.

Now if only my mind felt as good.

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zbsports said...

You post makes me healthy and my mind filled with nutritious information. Thanks!!!

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