Strange running experience

strange running experience

I had this strange running experience. 

Here's what happened.

Here's what happened

To spice up my daily running routine, I decided to do the Fit on 4 running training. The Fit on 4 training is a running program for beginners. You run to classical music with the goal of running for 30 minutes without a walking break after 9 weeks. 

 Why I decided to do the Fit on 4 running training

As I mentioned above, I needed 'something different.' I was getting a bit tired of my country songs, and I didn't feel like listening to a podcast while running either. 

Running to classical music seemed like a good idea because I generally find classical music soothing. And since there are no lyrics, your thoughts aren't influenced by someone else's words. 

Plus, I secretly thought it would be nice to have more walking breaks... 

Strange running experience

But it was precisely those frequent walking breaks that led to a remarkable running experience. And here it is: 

 While I can usually run comfortably for, say, 11 minutes straight, I found it very challenging to keep on running for 3 minutes during the Fit on 4 running training! 

After 2 minutes of running, I was already thinking 'How much longer do I have to go?' which I don't usually think about after a few minutes without the Fit on 4 episode. 

 In fact, I initially skipped the lessons that required running for a whopping 10 minutes without stopping! I repeated the first lessons where you don't run for more than 3 minutes before you can walk several times. Is this a mental thing? 

Is this a power of the mind thing?

Now, I wonder: could this be an example of the power of your mind? 

Or in this case, the weakness of the mind? 

Does the knowledge that you only have to run for 'just' 3 minutes make you feel tired after just 2 minutes? 

I started running longer stretches without a break when I realized that I became much more fatigued from short bursts of running, I decided to do the lessons that required running for at least 10 minutes straight.

Yes I cán run for 10 minutes straight!

I was a bit concerned because I had developed the idea that I couldn't last for 10 minutes. After all, I was struggling with 3 minutes! But guess what? I could easily run for 10 minutes straight! 

Summing up

So, my conclusion is that, at least for me, when I know I'm going to run for a short period, both my body and mind fully adapt to that idea.

As a result, I find it challenging to sustain 3 minutes of running, huffing and puffing, or rather, with great difficulty. 

 I don't like that! 

So, although I still find the Fit on 4 beginner's running schedule very enjoyable, it's less suitable for me. 

However, I can easily follow the lessons where you run for at least 10 minutes straight. 

Jeff Galloway recommends walking breaks

Jeff Galloway recommends walking breaks, and I agree with him. But this experience has taught me that 3 minutes of running is too short for me. 

Jeff Galloway's Magic Mile On his website, Jeff Galloway offers a calculator that allows you to precisely determine how long you should run and how long your walking break should be. 

I must admit that I find the calculator too complicated, but maybe you'll find it helpful.


Joanne said...

That is so funny but I can see how this would easily be a mind over matter thing (unless you unknowingly were running faster during that 2 minute stint thinking "it's only 3 minutes").

chickenruby said...

You're certainly doing a lot more running than I could manage. Thanks for linking up with #pocolo

Stephanie 139a said...

I'm not much of a runner, though I recognise its value - maybe I should try again! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

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