Runner's high

On this misty, first day of the year 2008 I was vegetating on the couch and thinking of reasons why I definitely was nót going to go for a run. It was too misty, too cold, I didn't want to, I was too tired, why should I etc. But suddenly I jumped up from the couch, put on my running clothes and said in a stunned voice: 'Apparently I'm going to go for a run!'

I asked my son Ot (6) to join me on his bike. This way I would not only get my kicks from running but also from begin a Good Mother. Ot immediately started talking, and talking and talking. I could regulate my breathing by the short pauses in which he waited for my 'uh-huh'. I ran and I ran, and Ot talked and talked.

After about thirty minutes Ot was finally talked out, and asked me to practice some numbers with him. I shouted: 'Three plus eight!' A merciful silence ensued, and for minutes we ran in pleasant peace and quiet.

We passed a pond, went through the parc, and just when I thought my question was too difficult Ot suddenly shouted: 'Eleven!' For the rest of the run I gave him questions to solve, followed by long periods of silence, and then Ots solution.

Not only did I train my body today, I also trained my son's brain.

Now that's a runner's high!

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