The ending of something old, the beginning of something new

Now that I've succesfully completed my 10K program I feel strangely lost. What do I do now?

It's a bit like the feeling you get as a mom, when you and your children enter a new phase of their development. Gone are the familiar routines, and you have to find your way again. When your youngest starts preschool for example. Suddenly you find yourself with a lot of free time on your hands, and no where to put it!
Not to mention the moment when your children leave the nest. They don't call it the Empty Nest Syndrome for nothing.

But just like a running programme that ends, the end of a phase in your life as a mom offers the opportunity for something new, something different.

So I've decided to build on my 10K accomplisments and go and train for a 10 miler, and you can do the same as a mom. Everything you've learned from being a mom, you can use to build something new!

You go mom!

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.

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