Running like a child

Today I saw my children doing it again: running for the fun of it. They weren't running because they wanted to go somewhere, but just because. Because running feels natural, because it feels good.

When I see the children running around like that I always wonder when I lost that feeling. Nowadays I run because I'm in a hurry, because I have to do the laundry, because I'm out of potatoes and I have to go and get some and the clock is ticking.

I blame high school! All those obligatory rounds running around the parc, where I always ended up last. Ok, there was one girl who was even slower, but she was very overweight. So that doesn't count.

To me the feeling of running like a child is captured in the intro of the series The Little House on the Prairie, where the Ingalls children bounce through the prairie.

So next time I go for a run I'll just imagine I'm Laura Ingalls running through the corn with sexy Michael Landon lookin down at me.

Comments (1)

  1. Some parts of growing up just aren't any fun, like being as carefree as a child and, like you said, running for the heck of it.