Good luck!

My training to run 10 kilometer in 60 minutes is almost finished. Just one more training to do, in which I have to run for three minutes and than walk for one. According to myasics my fitness level has soared to a dizzying level of a 100, and my fitness curve reaches for the sky. What has struck me the most during this training programma is my much improved pace.

But, not once during the training program did I have to run 10 kilometers. And yet myasics tells me to go and run a race, and cheerfully wishes me 'Good luck'. But how do I know I can do something, if I've never actually practised it!

It's a lot like giving birth and motherhood: you prepare, you read the books and you train, but you can't practice the actual event.

So in the end there really isn't anything left to say but: Good luck!


Christina said...

Good-luck! WOW! Let us all know how you do! What an inspiration. I'm a new reader to your blog - found you trough mom bloggers club.

Nicole Orriëns said...

Hello Christina,

thank you!


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