Running in heat

This morning I walked out the door for my run, and was immediately hit by the sweltering heat. So I spend the first mile talking myself into continuing instead of giving up.

But once I'd managed to get myself two miles away from home, I was in the clear, because I had to get back home, and I might as well do that while running.

When I finally got home I collapsed on the couch, sweat pouring off me, and gulped down two big glasses of water.

Maybe next time I'll take my five children with me, so they can cheer me on and hand me paper cups of water which I can then drink and pour all over me. I can hear them now: 'Mommy you're spilling all the water!'

No doubt they'll immediately pick up the habit and throw their juice all over themselves when we're at home, thereby supplying me with new motivation to go for another run to get away from it all.

I love it when everything comes together.
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