Mom on the run

I felt as if me and my son Jan (11) hadn't talked in quite a while. During schooldays we always talk on the way to school and back, but during summer vacation he's in his room reading a lot.

So I decided to be good runner ánd a good mom and asked him to accompany me to Zelhem, for a 10K run. Because he was on his bike, I ran much faster than usual, and I managed to run the 5K to Zelhem in just over thirty minutes, which is quite fast for me.

When we arrived in Zelhem we went out for coffee and ice cream and had a really good time together.

Then we ran back home, while Jan talked and talked and talked, while I ran and ran and ran.

When we got back home I felt really good: not only had I put in a very good run, I also felt like I had really connected with my son.

I love this about running! You can be a good mum while you're on the run!

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