I'm flying high, I'm running high across the sky.

Sometimes when I'm running I can almost feel myself go. Not in the 'Where's the toiletpaper?' way, but in the way of flying! I feel as if my feet could be leaving the ground at any moment!

I'll run way up high, through the sky, no longer bound by the forces of gravity of motherhood. I'll be looking down on creation as I make my way across the friendly smiling sun and go for a cup of coffee on the moon. I'll visit with the stars and then I'll happily run my way back down again.

So if I could have a superpower it would be that: the ability to leave everything that's holding me down.

Wanna know what kind of superpower other runners wish for? You can find them here.


Tom@RunnersLounge said...

Not only a great idea, but a great description too. I'v been there with that lifted feeling.

You have a bit of a poet in you.

Thanks for contributing to TIART.


Anonymous said...

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