When life hands you pink cake flour, make muffins

Wordless Wednesday

I was seduced by this lovely picture of a pink cake, but when I got home and set out to make it, the ingredients were not in the box! So I used what I did have, boring old flour, and made muffins!

It's a lot like running and motherhood: the picture on the box often is very different than the reality!

Not better or worse, just different.


  1. Yes, i agree. The picture on the package always tempt us into buying...

  2. Yummy muffins :) and that's what you call marketing strategy :) the yummy the pictures the more buyer is tempted :)

  3. Hey, I was just here stealing your picture of the yummy cake, hope you don't mind and seen you have my button in your list so I'll go add yours right now!