I run therefore I am a runner

I was doing my Tuesday Granny's run (8 kilometers to a Granny's and a cup of coffee) when I spotted a fellow runner in the distance. He was skipping along, going sideways, straight ahead and even backwards.

Then he started swinging his arms around in circles looking very much like a human windmill. As I watched him, a though ran through my head. I managed to catch it just before it ran around the corner: 'Now thát's a réál runner.'

Excuse me?! Where did that come from? After seven years of running along, I obviously still don't think of myself as a real runner.

So today I'm tooting my own horn, because obviously, someone has to!

So here goes: I run therefore I am a runner!
I am runner, hear me roar!



A said...

yey! you go girl! :)

A said...

btw, it's my first time on your site, dropped an ec for you too, have a great week! :)

Natalie said...

toot toot! you so deserve to be proud of yourself! great blog.

Jacie said...

running is definitely something to be proud of!

Anonymous said...

Be proud of yourself! I hesitated from calling myself a freelance writer until a friend of mine pointed out that I actually do get paid for my writing...now I'm proud to tell people that it's who I am!

john - from fat to fit said...

I felt like a runner when late last year I was running up the Champs Elysees while on vacation but couldn't keep it going, and am no longer a runner. But darn it this winter I'm really going to hit the treadmill and this spring I will BE A RUNNER too!

Swapna said...

Way to go :)

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