Running emotions

I've been having some troubles at school. Mostly with the teachers finding fault with my children, and then implying I'm being 'difficult' when I don't see the problem. To be clear: I always see problems everywhere! Show me a molehill and I'll make a mountain. But sometimes I honestly do not see the problem, so I can't do anything about it. As dr.Phil always says: 'You have to own the problem!' Well I don't.

Today I made the mistake of asking one of the teachers an innocent question and she released some pent up frustrations, telling me I was being 'difficult' and wasn't acknowledging the problem with my son Jan. We parted on seemingly good terms, but when I left the building I could feel tears burning.

It was Thursday, so I had my running clothes on. I put on my mp3-player and was treated to Josh Groban's melancholy song 'You're still you'. This proved to be too much, and the tears started to run down my face, blurring my vision. Although running usually helps me find my equilibrium, when you can't see anything that's a bit hard!

So I did the sensible thing and ran home, where I called my husband, my sister and mother to tell them of my woes.

And I let my emotions run, until they were al spent.

After that, I felt much better.

Whether it's my body doing the running or my emotions: running always helps.


3 Bay B Chicks said...

I do the same thing...vent to family. Running certainly helps too, but I find that hearing someone say, "you're right" and "she's wrong" can go a bit farther in making me feel like I can face the world again.

I found your site through the Blog Stalker and have been checking it out for a while. I love your themed approach to blogging. So creative. Your posts are also, human, and totally relatable. :)

Thought I might pass some blog love along to you through a tag. Details are on my site, if you are interested.

Hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday!


VisibleSoulPhotography said...

If the whole world would run, we'd never need therapists.

I've spent many runs with tears streaming down my face (and hoped passersby thought it was sweat). It's exhilarating, yet exhausting at the same time.

You know about your kids and teachers always have those they pick on. Take it with a pebble on your trail and keep on running!

Many hugs!

Nat said...

Do not get me going on teachers. You are your kids best advocates and don't let them EVER tell you something you know isn't true about your kids. I am difficult and proud of it.

Still, the pavement time helps me not kill people.

Nicole Orriëns said...

Thank you so much for your heartening comments! They make me feel much better!

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