Running mindlessly

Lately I've been doing my runs mindlessly.

I run out of the house and about an hour or so later, I find myself back there again. I know I ran in the meantime, but I can't remember doing it. I have no recollection of the trees I must have passed, passers-by that called out: 'Can't you go any faster?!' or what the weather was like.

Obviously I've been preoccupied. Worrying about my son Jan (12) and what school he should go to next year, worrying about all the stuff I had to buy for Christmas and worrying about worrying so much.

It's harder for running to work its magic if you don't pay any attention. There is of course the stress release gained by running, all that pent up adrenaline finding an outlet, but it feels a bit strange, running mindlessly.

It makes me feel like I've missed something.

It's a bit like parenting. The days fly by and before you know it, your kids are all grown up and you think: 'When did that happen?!'

So next time I go out for a run I'm going to try to release my worries while at the same time paying attention to what I'm doing.

Because who wants to miss out on the good stuff in life?!
I certainly don't!


Kristen said...

One of the reasons I love to run is because it helps me clear my head. Hope you can enjoy the scenery next time

Susan Cook said...

P.S. I finally got my power back! 6 days w/out power! Thank you for continuing to visit me during that time and for your comments. :

Anonymous said...

we tend to think too much. the next time you run, try to leave everything at home, enjoy it and enjoy the scenery as what kristen said.


Juliette Vestal said...

You make a very good point, we should stop and enjoy every part of life. Be it exercising, cooking, speeding time with our kids, or even something as simple as taking a shower. This day in age we all rush through a lot of things and then when they are all over we have no memories to think back on. And if we don't have memories then what's the point of life. We should all take note and live every moment to it's fullest. That is just my thought. And btw I need to follow my own advice.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the worries will still be there when you finish the run. Try to push them out of your mind, maybe a little while away will give you a new perspective.

Good luck!

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