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I have so many layers

With the temperatures seasonally cold I found myself faced with a whole new challenge: how to dress for succesfully staying warm? In previous years I addressed this issue by staying on the couch, but this year I no longer will be deterred by a bit of frostbite. I'm a runner hear me roar!

Looking around the internet the answer was obvious: layering. To keep warm during wintry temperatures you gotta layer yourself. So that's what I did.

First I put on a little vest, followed by a t-shirt, followed by a long sleeved top, followed by a sweater. And I finished the look with my windbreaker that I bought at the Aldi for only 2 dollars. Just thinking about all the money I saved there made me feel hot. And to top it off I put a hat on top of me. I looked like I'd gained several ounces.

But I wasn't cold! To be honest, after about half a mile I felt decidedly warm. So I hiked my sweater up around my bosoms finally looking like the buxom woman I would have been if only my breasts were bigger.

After a succesful, quite heated run, I came home telling my husband: 'I have soo many layers!' at which he replied: 'Yes you do honey. You're really deep.'


  1. We have 5 under 0 it's so cold here :( I feel so frozen :(

  2. That's great you don't let the cold weather deter you.

    P.S. Thank you for continuing to visit me, while I was without a computer. Good news my new computer arrived yesterday! Yea!

  3. i've lived in a different country before and i've experienced winter. it was really so cold and thermal underwears are not enough. i used to layer too. :D

  4. I keep trying to convince my kids to layer for the bus. So far, no luck, but I will keep working at it.

  5. LOL
    Yeah, I grew up in Arizona but my husband and I moved to Michigan so this is my first "real" winter and there are so many times I overdress or underdress for the temp.

  6. I'm in Cali and if I try to layer for the "cold" I end up SO hot! I don't know how you ran with all those layers!

  7. Haaa haaa! Very funny! I am sure that you are deep!!!

    I have also added this button to my blog!!!