Running, dogs and their owners

running and dogs

As a runner, dogs and their owners are the bane of my life. 

Especially dog owners who have their dogs on one of those extendable leashes, which they only use to extend. 

Dog owners

Nót to pull their sex crazed dog back when it starts humping my poor innocent legs. But apparently things can get worse, because today a dog tried to get a whiff of my crotch, and its male owner said: 

'Don't do that boy! It's probably real nice, but it's not allowed.' 

I was stunned by such ungentlemanly behavior. 

With such an owner, you almost can't blame the dog. 


I blame both.

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Moois van mie said...

I so understand you! I don't know how that goes in your part of the world, but here it is not allowed to let your dog run free in parks and woods. But there are so many dog owners who don't care for that and let them run free. I don't run, just walk, but I don't like to be approached bu unknown dogs . And when I tell the owner this is not allowed, in best case scenario they call me names, worst case they threaten with physical aggression.

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