The importance of being flexible

Upcoming Easter has played havoc with my routine. The kids are free from school, and without the school run I won't be able to do my Thursday run. So I decided to move some things around and that's how, this Wednesday morning, I found myself in a Callanetics class! That way I can move my Thursday run to Friday when my husband is home and can watch the kids and I won't have to miss any work outs! Because great as running is, Mother Nature doesn't offer daycare yet, which is why the gym can be a real life saver for moms.

To be frank: I didn't want to join a gym. After committing my life to a man and five children I now suffer from grave commitment phobia and I find it very hard to commit to anything. But they lured me with cheap prices, so grudgingly I pledged my allegiance for at least a year. In return I get to use their facilities once a week. The great thing about the gym is that if offers daycare, so even though my youngest son Piet is home, I could still go! While he enjoyed himself I got acquainted with Callanetics.

At first every exercise was really easy and I felt quite smug. I went at it with a vengeance, but then we had to continue doing them! That put an end to my smugness real fast, my muscles screaming for me to stop. My mind was flexible, but my body wasn't.

After I'd put my body through the wringer, we went to MacDonalds where I had a cup of coffee and a hamburger and Piet had a Sundae icecream.

It really was a lovely morning, thanks to some flexibility as a mom and as a runner! And I feel great for having rescued my running routine.


Michelle said...

Easter has made my life pretty crazy right now too. I'm running around trying to get the house ready and pulling out my hair. LOL! Glad that your day worked out perfect. Thanks so much for stopping by and your awesome comment about EC. Take care.

modern mom said...

Good for you Nicole. I wish we'd have it here, I mean gyms with daycare.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Mom Knows Everything said...

I had A&W today, but I had water instead of pop....take counts doesn't it? LOL
I grabbed your badge. Have a great Easter weekend! :o)

Erik said...

Sometimes we need our burger, especially when the kids are out of school. :)

Thanks for stopping by.


Veronica Lee said...

Happy Easter, Nicole!

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