Run for the spirit

Lately I've been throwing music at myself during my runs, like a burglar does at watch dogs. Just something to keep them occupied while you do the business. With my thoughts inundated with country music they couldn't start complaining about not wanting to run, or feeling hot and bothered.

But in a way I kinda lost myself, because those pesky thoughts are part of me, and without them it's just not the same.

So today I went for a spiritual run: no music, just me and my thoughts, and mother nature of course. And you know what: it wasn't that bad, in fact it was kind of nice. I felt as if I was really there during my run, not thinking about some man who'd done me wrong but feeling my body move and listening to my breath.

I'm not saying no to running to music, I love my country songs, but I've learned you've got to give your thoughts a chance to sing too.

Today was a great run, today I ran for my spirit.


  1. I used to do that, many many moons ago, when I had knees that didn't hurt. I loved running and just listening to the world around me.

  2. I do think that's wonderful to do once in a while. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. I used to run w/o music all the time, now I love my tunes. I agree that we need to let our mind/thoughts sing. I may just have to try that tomorrow and see what mine says. Thanks for the reminder of how important it is to run with just ourselves, uninterrupted.

  4. I often think I could run without music more frequently and just tune into my body. Now you've motivated me -- thanks!

  5. I love country music too!!! I almost always run with music, but every once in a while I will go without.

  6. It's a different kind of meditation running without music. It's just the movement -- and your pace...

    Sometimes I need to be pushed that way too. Though I love my shuffle very very much.

  7. I love this

    "I've learned you've got to give your thoughts a chance to sing too"

    I usually have my ipod blaring.. I *think* it helps me run better.. But I forgot it last week when I went to the gym, and I thought I would just crumble without it.. But it went..GREAT! I really felt more energized at the end of that workout, than any other recent workout.. I won't quit my ipod all of the time, as it really is the only time I listen to my music, lol, but if I forget it, well, I won't shed a tear! :)