Two week hiatus

Yesterday I met my lover again after we hadn't met for two weeks, due to a nasty cold that struck me down in the prime of my week. Quite frankly, it still has me in coughing fits, but I just couldn't wait another minute.

So there we were, the weather was lovely, the sun was shining and the sky Teletubby blue. I rushed into my lover's arms and we hugged joyfully. But when we got down to business I paid the price for those two weeks. My limbs were heavy and tired and I felt as if I was ploughing throught the kids maple syrup.

As I huffed and I puffed my way through I couldn't help but feel indignant: don't those seven years of meeting three times a week mean anything?!

Oh well, we'll just have to be very gentle with each other, and soon we'll be back to our old form.

But even though I found it hard going, it was great to run again.
I love the lover that is running.


Sarah said...

Glad to hear you are back at it...even though it sounds like it was a rather tough run. I am just getting over a back injury and can't wait to get back to running. I haven't run for a week and am going crazy. :)

Suzi said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

WebbieLady said...

I haven't run nor swim for quite sometime.. This fact has taken a toll with my shape... No heavy but not in perfect mode like before.

Wow! Seven years and thrice a week? Amazing!

Margo said...

I enjoyed this post very much.. especially the very memorable last line :)

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