Seduced by the promise of voices in my head telling me how I'm doing, I bought a nikechip and iPod. Unfortunately my iPod and I are having some communication issues: it has way too much buttons. I miss my old mp3-player which only had two. Now I understand how men feel about women.

Luckily communications between my iPod and nikechip are much better, and so I'm kept up to speed on my speed, distance and the one and all question: have I run enough to eat a Big Mac without facing the consequences?

I can't wait till they introduce this system for motherhood. Imagine going about your day, parenting your heart out, and a voice saying: 'You've just spoiled your children forever. Better start saving for a therapist, because it's going to cost you.'

Or maybe not.


Jennifer P said...

I would NOT want to hear what the parenting voices in my head would say. I don't think we can afford college never mind therapy.

GreedyGirl said...

I've been considering the Mike Chip, I see post with my friends runs all the time and i want to join in. I'm not sure if you can use it with other sneakers though. Please update us on how you like once you've had a chance to try it out.

Nicole said...

I've got one for a while now and it's a great buy. I really recommend it. You don't have to wear Nike shoes.

There are several companies that sell a kind of holder for the nike chip which you can attach to your shoe laces. I bought mine for about 8 euros and it's great.

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