Running mom, or Mom runner?

Am I a mom who happens to run, or am I a runner who happens to be a mom? The answer is easy: I'm a mom who runs. If only because I became a mom first, a runner second, after six years in the motherhood.

At first the mom in me didn't want anything to do with the runner. She thought the runner was out of her mind, and quite frankly: a bit scary. But the runner has turned out to be the best friend I ever had. She's always just a run away, and never fails to make me feel better. Without her, I would have run too, but only for the hills.

Both as a mom and a runner I try to improve myself, but I avoid competing. Competing just makes me nervous. Because then I start worrying I'm not good enough and what others will think of me. I fret that I'm not fast enough, and I start pushing myself too hard until all the joy is gone.

And I end up a lonely, quivering mess of a mom and runner.

I strive to be content being the mom and runner that I am, and rejoice in other moms and runners. To not feel threatened or intimated by the way they do things.

Yes, I am a mom who runs.
And I love it!


Relentless Forward Commotion said...

awesome post. I totally get what you are saying. Except the competitor in me won't shut up, lol! I do have to remind myself time and time again why I run though, and it's NOT to win. It's so I don't run for the hills either :)

ihaverun said...

I love this post. It is exactly how I feel!

Suzi said...

I feel the same way too. However I do join some races, that way I have something to work for. For me, it's all about finishing, not competing.

Silvana said...

This post is just like me,Mom first, but boy I like running :)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Stumbled across your Blog while hopping :) Great post....but like Heather I am uber-competitive...wish I could just run for fun and not want to sign up for EVERY race.

FYI I have a Pearl Izumi shorts Giveaway on my Blog if you are interested.

Kristen said...
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kristen said...

I can certainly relate! I get nervous about racing, but I do a few a year to keep up my motivation. I know I'll never win one, but I'm not alone in that camp! I don't know what I would do without running- I love it!

Andi Hawkins said...

"Without her, I would have run too, but only for the hills."

Preach it!!! You are reading my mind.

Found your blog on google-- Love it!

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