Body talk

This morning my eldest daughter came home from a field trip and I had to go and pick her up, thereby missing my yoga/pilatus class.

I tried to be all Zen about it, telling myself: 'It is, what it is'.' But as the morning progressed I began to feel really antsy. I felt like an addict looking for my next fix. So I surfed the internet looking for a yogaclass somewhere, anywhere! Finally I found one and I hurried down there, only to be told that this week there was no yoga.
'This is a great learning opportunity for me, this is a great learning opportunity,' I told myself through gritted teeth.

I got home with all this pent up energy and no where to put it. I decided there was only one thing for it: I had to go for a run.
So I put on my shoes and running clothes and raced out the door. I only had time for thirty minutes but it made me feel so much better.

Now I actually féél zen.

But as I was running I was thinking how sometimes I hardly recognize myself. Who is this woman who craves movement? What happened to the couch potato?

This change in me still surprises me. I guess because in my mind I'm still that couch potato.
It's my body that's telling me otherwise.


Emmaleena said...

I relate to your "craving movement". Enjoy your blog. And there is no "e" in a singular potato...just sayin'.

Chris said...

I love it when people are converted to movement. It's hard to imagine life without fresh air and exercise. Glad you found your zen. :-)

Katie said...

I love that feeling! You are soooo a FORMER couch potato :) Join the club!! So glad I found your blog... I look forward to following you from now on!

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