Running makes the unthinkable thinkable

As a runner I have pushed through boundaries that were unthinkable. When I first started running my beginner's schedule told me to walk twenty minutes, and then my body told me I had to lie down for about thirty.
After about four months of steadily improving I could run for half an hour without feeling like I would drop dead, and for several years I was quite content with that.

Then I decided to really go crazy and run to the little village that is Zelhem, which is a six kilometer run. I took a ride from my husband, and I ran home, where I collapsed on the sofa and whispered like a dying woman: 'Water, I need water...'

At mommygroup I proudly announced: 'I ran home from Zelhem!' The other moms seemed satisfyingly impressed, but then one of them asked: 'And did you run there too?'
I laughed half heartedly: 'Of course not! That would be way too far!'

Since then four years have passed, and not only do I run from Zelhem and back, I call it 'an easy run'! I can even run to the village that is called Westendorp which is a sixteen kilometer trek.

Running has made me do things I didn't think were possible.
It has taught me to dare think the unthinkable and keep an open mind.


Anonymous said...

Absolultely! Well said. :)

ShutUpandRun said...

Well said! That is exactly why I love to run too. Makes you feel successful and proud and like you've gone further than you thought you could.

Paige said...

Whenever I get to some perceived obstacle, whether tangible or emotional, that at one time I believed insurmountable, I now think to myself, "you ran 100 miles, you can do ANYTHING so stop whining!" And just like that, those obstacles dissolve...or at least became that much less 'huge' in my mind.

Running makes everything possible. It breaks down walls we had built up for no good reason other than because someone else said 'never' or 'cannot'.

Run on!!

Unknown said...

Running also just makes me feel every area of my life. I enjoyed this post!

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