Running out of excuses

I used to love a nice downpour of rain, because surely that prevented me to go out running?! But then I bought this waterproof jacket and I had to run, come rain or shine.

Oh well, at least I still had my monthly period to get me out of running. It was like a monthly 'Get out of jail for free' card. But then I discovered that on day three I cóuld run. Easily.

I kept trying though. 'I'm too tired,' 'It's too cold,' 'It's too hot,'I don't feel like it.' If there's an excuse out there, I tried it.

But to all these excuses I had this foolproof answer: 'What's half an hour of running if you know you're gonna feel great afterwards! Surely you can spend half an hour to feel good?'

Then I knew for sure: 'I've run out of excuses not to run.'

And I'm so glad I did.


Jennifer P said...

The hardest thing is always getting out the door. I'm glad that you did today!

ShutUpandRun said...

That's where my whole shut up and run thing came from. Excuses. It's easier to no over think it but to just head out the door!

Unknown said...

That motivated me this afternoon...I'm just going to go! Thanks.

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