In it for the long haul

Both as a mom and a runner, going the distance is my main goal. As a runner this means I'm quite slow, but as a mom it helps me to prioritize.

For example: all my kids can choose óne afterschool activity, preferably within walking distance. Because after doing the school run four times a day, they come home for lunch, I don't feel like driving around like a mad cabbie.

As a mom and as a runner I have made a lifelong commitment to these identities/activities, and I'm hoping to live a long life. Therefore it's important I use my energy and strength wisely, so I'll be able to go the distance, and not crumple into a sad, sweaty heap of misery.

Because tired runners can count on a ride to the finish and a comforting blanket around their shoulders, but who takes care of burnt out moms?

So I choose to go slow and far, rather than fast and short.

I'm in it for the long haul, and when I reach the end of the line I hope I can say: 'It's been a good run!'


Mel-2nd Chances said...

great post, i'm in it for the long haul too, and taking it slowly, taking it all in :)

Mama Cas said...

I love this comparison. I, too, refuse to become the Taxi Mom with my 4 kids.

ihaverun said...

Thanks for putting my thoughts into words! I'm always reminding myself to just slow down and enjoy every minute.

Rachel said...

I really like this.

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