Runner's paranoia

Runner's paranoia

One day I decided to run to my parents' house. I figured it would make a nice run of about five miles. 
It's a nice route which I don't run very often, because there's this terrible lack of restaurants or places where I can get coffee. But I knew my parents were home, so I'd be able to get my coffee fix there!

Running through a wooded area

I enjoyed the freshness of the path not taken often, and ran merrily along the road I used to ride to school on my bike, so many times as a child. The road to my parents leads through a small wooded area, and as I was halfway through, a little van passed me.

A little van passed me. Then it came back...

I didn't really pay any attention to it, but then suddenly it came back!
'Hm, that's a bit strange,' I thought, but it became even stranger when it slowed down to a standstill.
Silently I said my goodbyes to my dear husband, kids, family, friends and old acquaintances I had forgotten.
'This is it then,' I thought. 'This is the end of the line for me. I'm being kidnapped!'

'Where can I find this little church?'

A very well dressed, elderly gentleman leaned over the passenger seat and said something. From a safe distance I eyed him, still worrying he might leap out of the car, and pull me inside.
'I do apologize for disturbing your run,' he declared in apologetic tones, 'but could you tell me where I can find a little church around here?'
'Sure, you turn back, and then it's right on the left!' I answered relieved.
He thanked me and we both went on our ways.

Soon he passed me again, after having turned his car, and waved solemnly at me. I gave him a friendly nod, but I was still glad when he and his little van disappeared into the sunset. After all, Ted Bundy looked real friendly and neat too.

Was he a reverend instead of an axe murderer?

As I passed the little church I had directed him to, I saw his van standing there, and him at the church door.

In hindsight, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he was a reverend.

How careful should you be as a female runner?
Do you run through wooded areas, or across lonesome paths?


Suzi said...

We should be very careful as women runners. I run near orchards and vineyards on a regular basis and a woman was recently assaulted in one of the orchards I run by. Pretty creepy.

ShutUpandRun said...

I think the key is to be very AWARE and not do anything stupid. I run in daylight and in open areas (not wooded places). Never on mountian trails alone (that is more due to mountian lion/bear danger than humans). I think it's just common sense.

Carol ReMarks said...

I hear ya. I want to run at night but don't because of this and there is a GREAT greenway near our house but I don't want to run that alone either. I need a regular running partner.

RunnerGirl said...

I try to be so careful when I'm out running, but I've had a few "scares" as well. I always feel silly afterwards for being scared, but you just never know.

Unknown said...

That was kind of scary at first! I am aware when I run in the dark or early morning and sometimes I feel creepy running through wooded areas when I'm alone but mostly, I try to run with someone. You just never know!

Jennifer P said...

Running at night freaks me out. I've ditched my iPod and tend to do loops where there are lots of people. I take my phone and RoadID where ever I go plus cash for the bus if needed. Before kids, I was never so worried. But I am a much more paranoid cyclist than runner.

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