Post workout shower

A post workout shower can be absolute bliss. But be careful if it's cold outside before you step into a hot shower. Give your body some time to adjust.

running and shower

The blissful feeling of a post workout shower is often cited as a reason to go for a run.

There really is nothing like the feeling of warm water cascading over your sweaty body! Afterwards you feel all fresh and healthy and ready to go.

Running and post workout shower

When I come home from doing the school run running, it's usually about a quarter to nine.  I do nót jump straight into the shower. Instead I like to put in an hour of working on my blogs. That way the shower will feel even better. When it's a quarter to ten, I start the coffee machine, and thén I have my post workout shower. So when I get out, all freshened up, I can have my coffee and drink  it too.

And since I'm a Work At Home Mom no one is bothered about any unpleasant smells I might be emitting.

Itch during post workout shower

But this morning, everything was different. I was expecting a guy to fix our dishwasher. So I had to hop into the shower immediately after my run, or risk being naked when he arrived. It was cold outside, so I set the shower temperature nice and hot. But soon my legs started to itch like crazy! It was like millions of killer ants were crawling across my poor legs. That's when I remembered: 'Oh yeah… you shouldn't take a hót post workout shower when you just came in from the cold'.

Pins and needles during post workout shower: the cause

The reason I got so itchy was because my body was cold. And when your body is cold, your blood flow slows down. Then when you hop into a hot shower, your blood starts moving faster. And that's what causes the pins and needles.

The solution is simple: get your body to room temperature first, before you take a hot shower.

The after shower itch

You can also feel itchy áfter your shower. In that case your skin may be dry. Make sure you pamper your body with some moisturizer or bodylotion. I like to slather my body with some cocoa buttercream.

When a post workout shower isn't an option

I'm lucky because I work from home. But what if you have to squeeze your runs into your lunch break? And there are no showers at your workplace?

Here's a quick fix for sweaty runners who have to work.

  1. Babywipes! Get yourself some babywipes, and put them into your deskdrawer. Use them to freshen up your armpits and your crotch. Don't be stingy with the babywipes. Use a fresh one, for each part.
  2. Talcum powder: talcum powder will get rid of the sweaty feeling, and it will make you smell like a bed of roses.
  3. Dry shampoo: spray some into your sweaty hair, and it will soak up the sweat.

And when you get home in the evening, thén you can have your post workout shower!


Family Gatherings said...

Hi Nicole,

I hate to admit it, but being so busy with family, it's sometimes hard to find the time for the post workout shower. I've often resorted to "bird bathing". Thanks for the other options though.

Aren't the itchy legs the worst? My husband gets that too. Great job on giving some great tips on finding a balance between raising a family and pampering yourself. Now I just need to find my own balance between working out, pampering myself and taking care of the family. Have a wonderful week!

All the best,
Family Gatherings

ReunionsMag said...

Itchy legs are really a problem. But now it is clear how to deal with it - just take a rest after a run before going to the shower, so that the body reaches room temperature. Thank you!

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