Running and the Principle of Time

For years I ran no more, nor less, than thirty minutes. I couldn't imagine running any longer. It really was all I could do, to last that half an hour. It was only when I found a training programme designed to run ten kilometers, that I started running for longer periods of time. But for shorter periods at a time!

Are you still with me? What got me past those magical thirty minutes was the knowledge I only had to run for ten minutes at a time, after which I got a break. The training programme was divided into nice, easy chunks of time, alternating running and walking. It told me when to start, and it told me when to stop.

Now, when I feel tired and want to stop running, I just take a glance at my ipod and tell myself: 'Only eight more minutes! You can go on for eight more minutes, can't you?!' And of course I yell: 'Yes I can!'

The principle of knowing when to start, and knowing when to stop, can be used to great advantage in daily life too. For instance, the principle is put to great use by Flylady. She tells you to set your timer for fifteen minutes: as soon as the thing starts ticking, you start cleaning one particular room. But as soon as the timer goes off, you stop! Right there and then. You're done!

Running has given me a different sense of time. By dividing it into little chunks it becomes much easier to do things.

So when hubby gets frisky I just tell myself: 'It's only fifteen minutes or so. Surely you can take 15 minutes for the greater good of your marriage?'
And then I do.


kara said...

I like this philosophy - breaking down big tasks into small on going ones.
: )
Time sometimes feels like an enemy.

Judi said...

I tell myself this sometimes when I really don't feel like playing another game of Candyland with my kids! Just five minutes . . . that really is not much time but in the huge scheme of things it means a lot to them. Thanks for the reminder.

Heidi said...

That last paragraph nearly ha me choking on my fruit salad. You're too funny. I think I'm going to be very glad you stopped by my blog!

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